November 01, 2007

January 2008

January 11, Friday, 6 PM, Seacrest Resort and Conference Center, Falmouth, MA
Dine Among the Orchids
Preview Dinner Party for CAIOS Show (see January 12 & 13 below). The speaker will be Ronald Burch, from The Gardens at Post Hill, with a visual presentation on growing native cypripediums in your garden. Limited seating. Call Joyce at 508-758-2888 for more information or to make reservations.

January 12 & 13, Saturday and Sunday, 9 AM - 5 PM, Seacrest Resort and Conference Center, Falmouth, MA
Cape Cod and Islands Orchid Society Annual Show
This year's theme is Victoriana.
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January 15, Tuesday, 6:30 - 8:30 PM, Arnold Arboretum, Boston, MA
Introduction to Residential Garden Design
David McCoy leads a class in basic landscape design with an emphasis on creating a sense of space incorporating the unique qualities of the site. Students should come with a project in mind. This 6 week session continues Tuesdays through February 19.
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January 23, Wednesday, 9 AM - Noon, Arnold Arboretum, Boston, MA
Fluid Imagination: Water in the Garden
Thinking of adding a water feature to your garden? Warren Leach will examine the aesthetic aspects of both visual effect and sound, and provide practical information on installation.
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January 23, Wednesday, 6:30 - 8:30 PM, Arnold Arboretum, Boston, MA
Whatchamacallit: Names and Order in the Plant Kingdom
Botanical names of plants may at first seem indecipherable. Michael Dosmann, Curator of Living Collections, will explain the structure of the plant family tree and give insights to the "interpersonal" relationships that make the plant world so interesting.
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January 28, Monday, 1 - 3 PM, Arnold Arboretum, Boston, MA
Lighting the Garden
First of a 3 session workshop (also February 4 and 11). Lighting specialist Dan McAllister, owner of Nite Image, will discuss how to add subtle or dramatic beauty to the landscape as well as covering planning and implementation of a lighting design.
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January 31, Thursday, 7 - 8:30 PM, MHS Elm Bank Horticulture Center, Wellesley, MA
The Gardener's Guide to the Soil Food Web
In this talk on how soil microbes work, Jeff Lowenfels, the “Al Gore of Gardening,” will explain the science of why chemicals and gardening don’t mix with details for practical and natural practices that actually save time and work.
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